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MIB is digitizing the insurance application experience and underwriting process through services offered by Paperless Solutions Group (PSG), an MIB business.

Calculate quote class with confidence

The eValuateTM service from PSG is a robust multi-level, rules based field underwriting tool that manages risk selection via underwriting classification tied to quote prices.

Make your application process contactless

PSG's API based eApplication offering collects applicant data via a robust user interface (UI) with edits and drill downs. This web-based intelligent data and fillable forms e-App solution can support any product.

Collect requirements fast and with ease

Gather additional post-submission or "inforce" requirements with the PSG eRequirement solution. Integrated eSignature obtains authorizations in real time or when convenient for all involved.

Automate and facilitate signing of documents

The eSignature services from PSG facilitates the signing of documents with ease and satisfaction via approved click sign, voice signature protocols or pad signing.

Automate underwriting with rules and data

Automate underwriting with eValuate+, a flexible and powerful decision tool from PSG that supports full data driven analysis for multiple products (life, DI, FE, etc.) based on carrier specific rules that can be directly managed to keep underwriting guidelines confidential.

For more information about PSG's products and services visit, email us at, or call 352-331-6262 x225.

Paperless Solutions Group, is a unit of MIB Services, LLC

Together, MIB and PSG are helping to make the application process quicker and more efficient. Learn more about how PSG's digital solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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